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Экскурсия по центру Москвы на Английском Экскурсия по центру Москвы на Английском

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с 13 сентября 2019




Чистые пруды

Как пройти?

Выход из метро Чистые пруды, у памятника Грибоедову






You are welcomed to the small walking tour in English around the center of Moscow. The main topics are city history and arhitecture.


Meeting point: near the Chistye Prudy metro station pavilion (Red line). Look for the monument of Griboedov just in 30 meters and the guy with "Free walking tour" sign in his hands.

The route: Let’s walk around the district we start in and then along the Myasnitskaya street to Lubyanka square, then to Red and Manezhnaya squares. We’ll see a lot of architectural monuments and ensembles. The finish of the tour will in the Alexander Garden near the Okhotnyi Ryad metro station.

The event is absolutely free but tips are welcomed)

Guide’s phone: +7 -916 -511 52 eighty-nine.

In case of HEAVY rain we'll have the tour around Moscow metro (subway) where many sights are also hidden.


Do not sit at home alone!

Moscow welcomes you. Let’s discover and warm this city together!

See you!