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AMC Online | Workshop: Flash Fiction AMC Online | Workshop: Flash Fiction

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с 27 ноября 2020




8 (495) 728-5243

Условия участия:

Регистрация: https://amc.timepad.ru/event/1485102/ This class is hosted on Zoom, so if you are interested in joining, please create a Zoom account beforehand. When registering below, please submit your valid email address to receive a link to the class Zoom meeting 30 minutes before the session begins.

American Center in Moscow invites all interested in reading and creative writing to a series of workshops on flash fiction — a genre of short fiction stories of under 1500 words.

In this series of online and offline workshops, we will look at flash fiction and other ultra short literary genres that reflect the quick pace of modern life with its emotions. We will read and discuss micro stories, essays and other literary forms and try our hands at simple creative writing exercises together.

Requirements: Upper-level English is expected from participants. Bring a pen, a notebook, and your enthusiasm.

Workshop is hosted by Denis Aksenov and Zamy Altukhanova, AMC Volunteers.

Denis Aksenov is a founder of Funky Chekhov’s Society that aims at keeping up your English in a creative way while having some fun together. He is a current student of University of Massachusetts Liberal Arts program.

Zamy Altukhanova is a literary enthusiast who loves reading books, discussing them, and writing something that can become a … book! Zamy holds an MA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Literary and Cultural Studies.